Travel using your friends' recommendations (when it's safe)

Find and share travel recommendations with your friends' and family 

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  • Spend less time planning

    Access travel recommendations from your social network and expedite the process of pre-trip research
  • Share your travel recommendations

    Instead of sending emails, PDFs, Google Sheets, Apple Notes, upload your recommendations to one spot so that you can easily share them with friends
  • Track all of your trips in one spot

    Keep a log of all your favourite trips and places that you've travelled to

How does TravoShare work?

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    Choose a destination

    See which places people are talking about and which cities are getting the most reviews!

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    See which friends have already posted recommendations

    Whether it be Restaurants, Hotels, Activities, Night Life or more, we'll show you which spots have been recommended across your network and will make sure to prioritize these first

    Looking for a restaurant? If "12 of your 15 friends who visited Portugal all recommended this same restaurant", you'll be the first to know!

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    Spend less time on pre-trip research

    Use travel recommendations from your friends and family to help kick-start your travel planning and save time doing research

    Spend all your time reading travel blogs? Read our blog summaries to find spots being recommended by all of your favourite travel guides (yes -you can close all those tabs you have open 😉)

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    Enjoy recommendations that have been verified by your friends and family

    Spend less time researching, and more time relaxing so you can start off your vacation stress-free

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    Share your recommendations with friends in one click

    When your friends ask you for your travel recommendations, link them to your profile which will have all your recommendations in one spot

    Don't worry about sending email chains, PDFs, Apple Notes, Word Docs, and Google Sheets 

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Recommendations from the people you trust most!

There's no shortage of travel information online and yet most of us rely on our friends and family for travel recommendations.

We understand the power of word-of-mouth referrals and want to help you find them easier so you don't have to spend as much time researching before your big trip.

Be the first to know when we go live

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